• M & A is highly renowned for its Market Assessment and Feasibility Studies for single assets and portfolios of hotels along with mixed use developments. Hotels, resorts, leisure, tourism development, F&B, golf and leisure clubs are at the heart of our services. Over the last three years, M & A has completed over 100 market and feasibility assignments alone. These studies are conducted to gauge the attractiveness and dynamics of the market that is being considered with in depth market overview with relation to site, asset and product type.

  • As part of these studies we also prepare & analyse competitive data for other similar projects in the area, which provides a good stepping stone for comparative analysis. From property location to space planning, from staffing to marketing, we have the strategic know-how, industry knowledge and the resources to deliver the right product to the right market.

  • In addition, having bodies in the field allows us to identify market opportunities and threats that could impact the project. This is further bolstered by pan India connections and contacts that M & A has built over the past 30 years, especially in the field of Hospitality and Real Estate.

  • Using the data attained above, M & A creates a feasibility report that provides the client with a holistic viability of the project. This feasibility takes into account and uses M & A expertise, Industry Benchmarks, Client Capabilities etc.

  • This report provides the client the overall market overview and the viability of its project in respect to its immediate surroundings and micro markets.

  • M & A has vast knowledge and experience in creating detailed financial models which suit owners and product types. Due to its reputation the firm boasts repeat international clientele with stringent qualification criteria. For the above mentioned reasons M & A reports are accepted by most Indian banks.

Areas Of Expertise

Hotels & Resorts
F&B, Spas, Clubs & Golf Courses
Convention & Exhibition Centers
Conference & Meeting Facilities

Mixed-use Developments
Tourism Development
Second Homes combined with Hospitality
Sports & Entertainment Facilities