With increasing levels of success, M & A (erstwhile Mahajan & Aibara Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd.) has represented promoters in different areas of transaction advisory. The type of advisory is tailored to the clients' preferences however we often end up as the clients' primary representative in transaction matters.

The following are some of the services M & A provides to its clients:
- Fund Raising through Private Equity Placements, High Networth Individuals and other Strategic Partnerships
- Buy and Sale Mandates
- JV Agreements
- Leasing of Properties
- Business Due Diligence and Valuation Services

We have the experience and requisite knowledge of how hotels work and should perform in their respective markets. Our extensive consulting and valuation services draw upon our staff's broad insight and experience to produce well-documented appraisal reports with fully supported value conclusions.

We provide advice to a wide range of clients including banks, real estate and hotel owners and financial investors. We can suggest a clear investment strategy which takes into account the current market conditions, client requirements and the business cycle. We can help to validate your investment decisions by investigating its financial situation, legal obligations, customer records and other documents, plus any other material circumstances.

Our specialist advisory services are particularly effective for reducing transaction risks and expediting transaction completion to our client's optimal satisfaction. These services can be provided for a single property transaction, or as part of a portfolio investment, or to support a financial or public market deal.